Friday, April 16, 2010

A Letter to Me

So, Amber over at The Survival Guide For The Young, Fabulous & Newlywed wrote an awesome post today! It was a letter to her younger self! Since I wish so much that I could go back in time and tell the younger me what not to do, (and to do for that matter) I'm going to write a letter to the younger me!

Younger Courtney,

- Enjoy the 8 years you have while your parents are still married. They will divorce when you are 8 years old, and although it doesn't bother you that much, and you will be living with mom, you won't be able to see your dad as much as you want.

- Don't boss all your friends around on your 8th birthday. Just because it's your birthday doesn't mean you can be bossy to your friends. Enjoy this time because you won't be able to get it back.

- Please, please, please enjoy your life because all too soon it passes you by. Enjoy playing outside with your friends on the swing set and the pool. It will gone before you can blink an eye.

- Middle School is going to be tough because this is when cliques form, and you're not sure where you fit in. You have a few really close friends, and that's all that matters, really. 

- Your first kiss is at a dance in 7th grade. You don't know the guy at.all. You meet him that night and fall in lust. You think he is the most beautiful thing and he takes your breath away. You dance to a few songs and he tells you that you have the prettiest smile. You kiss on the bleachers, and it was magical. You do not regret your first kiss later in life because it was perfect. You end up finding out this guy is your brother's friend, and are a little embarrassed. It's ok. Really. Because your brother never finds out, and you really don't talk to the guy anymore. Except maybe 5 times throughout high school and a couple times in your freshman year of college, just to keep in touch.

- Boys aren't worth it in middle school. I know that you had a really, really big crush on (well, let's just call him Paul), but come to find out you really never speak to him after 8th grade.

- You make a really great friend in 8th grade that becomes your best friend for a good 4 years. You guys are always going to be together and she is like you in so many ways. Don't take this for granted, because you eventually grow apart, and end up talking to each other maybe once a week. She's a true friend, so don't take this for granted either.

- You will go on a cruise in December '05 that will bring you and your family a lot closer together. Plus, it will be the most fun you've ever had in your whole 16 years of living.

- You meet the first guy that you have ever had feelings for at the YMCA pool when you are 13 years old. You and your best friend talk about him nonstop and basically stare at him every time he gets out of the pool and onto the diving board to dive off. He has a nice body, and nice hair. You basically drool over for him a good hour before getting the nerve to go talk to him. You go talk to him for awhile and find out his name is (lets call him J). He gives you his number and you are speechless and head over heels. It takes you awhile to call him, but when you finally did, he was so excited. He asks you to come over to have dinner with his family, and you do. Take in the moment. Really. Before dinner you guys watch tv in his room and you are in looooove. You stare at him, and you guys share you first kiss. It is pure magic. Don't get too lost in his big brown eyes because it's not going to last. You guys date for a month and he leaves you for another girl. You are heartbroken. Seriously, for years. You thought this was the guy you were going to marry. Just, don't take it too serious, please.

- Have fun in high school, you will want those easy-going years back when you get into college. And please, go to school and don't skip! And please, please study. Just do it. It will be worth it.

- Don't quit your job at the daycare because it will be crazy hard for you to find another job, especially one like the daycare with people who were so nice.

- You're going to meet an older guy named Tony. At first, you're really not looking for anything serious (since you aren't really a commitment type of girl) and then after knowing him for a good couple months, you realize that this man is the sweetest, smartest, most handsome man that you've ever met. You then realize he could be the guy standing next to you at the alter, the delivery room, and many, many other places.

- One last thing, younger Court, don't take your family for granted.


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