Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day and Birthday!

First of all, I just want to say Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing mothers out there especially mine! :)

Second of all, today I turn 22!!

I was just thinking of how I feel like I just turned 18!

Where has the time gone?!

I know that 22 is still young, but I feel a little old. Haha!

This is my 3rd birthday celebrating with Tony and last night Tony and I celebrated by going to Crackerbarrel for breakfast, then he got me a mini german chocolate cupcake at Whole Foods, and then PF Changs for dinner, plus he got me some chocolate covered graham crackers (SO good), a nice card, a small shopping spree!!!!!, and some ice cream! :) He is so good to me!

It's a tradition of ours now to get cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory after dinner for dessert, but last night we were WAY too full, so we're going to go next weekend! :)

Tonight I'm celebrating with my dad and brother and my dad is making me my favorite dinner! Breaded steak, tostones, and rice! Also a cake! Yuuum! I'm pretty sure I'll gain like 548359843 lbs this weekend.

Tomorrow night is my last final of the semester (chemistry..blek) and then I'm D-O-N-E done!

On the 20th I'm flying out with my dad and brother to Kansas to visit my family and watch my sister graduate from high school! I can't believe it's already here! She was just 4 years old!!!

Well I'm going to go celebrate all the things going on today ;)

I hope all of you mothers out there have a WONDERFUL day! :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Breaking the Ice

1) If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Yellow or orange! They are such happy colors.

2) Would you ever bungee jump?

3) What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
I can be very stubborn!

4) What is your favorite thing about yourself?
I don't take things too seriously. I'm a happy person and I love to be goofy.

5) What is your favorite app?
I really don't have one. I love Angry Birds, though.

6) What is the nastiest thing you've ever eaten?
Hmm..probably something that has to do with seafood. I don't like much seafood, but I'll eat crab and shrimp - depends on how it's cooked.

7) What is one thing I would not know about you at our first meeting?
That I have a pretty big scar on my thigh from getting burnt by spaghetti. Apparently it was REALLY hot spaghetti that just came off of the stove because it burned me pretty bad where I had huge water blisters and I had to wrap my leg up for like a month afterwards. Oh, and I was at my best friend's house at the time. And her parents didn't even think to take me to the hospital. Yeah, my mom was pissed. I was, too. Oh and this happened when I was 15.

8) What is your all time favorite movie?
My Best Friend's Wedding and The Hangover!

9) If you could go anywhere for one week (all expenses paid), where would you go?
Oh there are SO many places I want to travel to - Australia, England, Italy, Spain, Greece.

10) What is your favorite midnight snack?
Ohhh I don't eat midnight snacks. I usually don't eat after 8pm if I can help it, BUT if I just HAD to have something, probably something sweet!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Sorry I've been SO M.I.A!

It's finals week and I've been swamped with studying!

My last final is next Monday then I'll have all the time in the world to blog! :)

Have a great Tuesday!! :)