Friday, December 10, 2010

Oooops! & Fill in the Blank

Oh my goodness!

It's almost been a month since I've written!

My b! I've been SWAMPED with finals and projects and papers in the last month!

I took my last final yesterday and am proud to say I'm DONE for the semester!

A whole month off and I'm so excited to not have to worry about studying for a whole month. :)

I'm very proud of my grades and I'm looking forward to just relaxing for a month.

Thanksgiving was wonderful.

I spent it in Kansas with my wonderful family and it was great.

I can't believe Christmas is in 2 weeks! But I'm SO excited.

I'll be going back to Kansas on the 22nd until the 30th!

I'm STOKED! The only downside to this is that I won't be able to spend Christmas with Tony. :(


I've been seeing this survey around blogworld and I decided to fill it out!

Fill in the Blank

1. I wish.. that everyone in my family lived like an hour away from each other. My stepmom and stepbrother are moving down here next summer, but I wish my grandparents and cousins and aunts/uncles could too. :(

2. Yesterday I... went to take my Statistics final which was my last final of the semester! Then I came home and lounged around and watched TV and then went to Tony's and we watched our shows. :)

3. Today I will.. do a little grocery shopping and veg out! Tonight Tony and I are going to have dinner and relax!

4. Tomorrow I will.. go eat sushi with my girl, Mary! Then relax most of the day, and have dinner with Tony tomorrow night. :)

5. Maybe.. I will get to have dinner with an old friend next week :)

6. Someday.. I will be a Labor and Delivery nurse, be happily married, and then be a stay-at-home mom with a few munchkins running around. :)

7. I love ... my family, my boyfriend, my friends, the holidays, Starbucks, coats and boots, sweets, snow, fireplaces, kids.