Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, if you read my post yesterday, I'm going to start losing 10-15 lbs on May 10th. Yes, I have a date set. I just find it easier to set a date to start losing weight instead of saying, "I'm going to start tomorrow" or, "Next week is the week!". So now I have an actual date set. Two days after my 21st birthday!

The real reason why I wanna lose these last 10-15 lbs is because I know I can do it. I know that I can afford to lose this much because I do have a little jiggily to get rid of! HAHA!

I want to be more toned. Tony doesn't like ripped girls, he doesn't like girls with 6 packs or a lot of muscles. He likes curvy girls, like me. He said that if I get too skinny or too toned, then he will definitely let me know. 

Trust me, I don't want to be muscle woman or anything. I still want to keep my curves and hips, but just a little more toned. That's all I ask! :)

Now, I've been watching The Biggest Loser now for about 3 seasons. I love it.

I love how Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper change people's lifes by getting them to take control of their health.


I want this for my 21st birthday..

Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred.

I've heard different things about it.

I've heard it's great and it really, really works.

I've also heard that it's kind of..boring?!

I don't know about you, but I doubt Jillian Michaels would make ANYTHING boring.

So, I'm going to ask for it..


I'm curious if any of my followers have tried it or know anyone that has tried it?

Did you/they like it?!



I did the Shred for one month before my wedding (and also with eating healthier) I lost around 7 lbs. and toned up a little! Had I stayed with it, I think I would have kept seeing results. It's definitely not boring! I loved doing it because it was 20 minutes a day and I felt great after! Just because it's a 20 min. workout don't think that it's easy - it's stinking hard! At one point I think Jillian says something like "I want you to gargle your heart!" Lol, she's brutal, but she knows her stuff!

Good luck in your weight loss goal! I'm also going to be starting the Shred again with the hopes of getting toned for the beach! :o)

Hillary (First Yr Wife)

I'm a big fan of the Shred! I got it about a month ago and did it pretty regularly through the first two levels. Now that the weather is so nice I've switched mostly to running outside, so I haven't made it to level 3 yet. I love the way it's set up. You can't really get too bored with any one exercise because none lasts longer than 1 minute. It's easy to know how much you have left, too because it's broken down into the 3 circuits. I would definitely reccommend it!


Ok! Awesome!! Thanks girls!

Ms. J

I've been doing it for 13 days and I love it! I have already seen results, not sure on the weight loss, but definitely more toned! The first few days will be brutal and you will be SO sore, but stick with it- it gets better! This is my 3rd time doing it, the first 2 times I never made it past Day 2. Personally I like Level 3 the best. I started that on Day 6 and have found it to be the easiest- but still a good work out.

I love that it's only 20 minutes and broken down into 3 sections, it makes it go by faster and easier to stay motivated. I also watch it on my computer and watch TV while I do it to keep distracted- makes it ALOT easier!

Good luck!=)


Thank you girl!!! :) Yeah, I want to be more toned! So we'll see how it goes!!

blabbing maggie

i've shredded off and on, and def need to be leaning more towards ON, because i'm looking to tone up myself. i've done pretty good about getting in some form of exercise, but there is nothing like the shred. i'm a kinda-fan...jillian frightens me, and her muscled up/ripped sidekicks are a little discouraging. i'd like to try one of her biggest loser DVDs so i can compare myself to the fat people as opposed to some svelte chick, lol!


I'm so glad you blogged on this! I bought this about a week ago and haven't motivated myself to do it but now that I see everyone's results - I'm in! :)