Thursday, April 8, 2010

Go away pollen!

So, tonight I was going to do some running.


I have the worst headache imaginable!!

And I'm preeeetty sure it's because of the pollen.

Pollen count experts say that the Atlanta metro area is closing in on a record.

The Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic measured Wednesday's pollen count at 5,733 particles per cubic meter of air.

That's the second-highest mark the clinic has recorded since it began taking metro pollen counts in 1995.

 It's also the highest total in a decade and more than 2,000 higher than last year's peak.

Anything over 120 particles per cubic meter is considered 'extremely high.'

Yesterday I also had an extrememly bad headache.

I thought it was because I had not eaten yet, but I ate.

So, since that didn't work, my friend Mary gave me an Excedrin Migraine liquid gel.

That didn't work..

SO, I'm pretty sure it's because of the pollen.

So, no running for me tonight.

I feel awful.

I took an Aleve about 2 hrs ago and it actually worked a little bit, but now it's back..And those things are supposed to last a good while.

Oh well..

HOPEFULLY I don't have one tomorrow because I'm getting sushi with Mary!


Until next time...


Ms. J

Same here in FL the pollen is terrible!! I have been wanting to lay by the pool because the weather has been great, but the pollen is everywhere! The second I go out my eyes are swollen and itchy and I am sneezing up a storm :( At least the weather is nice...


Ugh. I hate it!! I love the weather also, but the pollen has got to go!


I love the weather, and thankfully dont have allergies, so thats nice, but boyfriend does and I know how horrible it is for him.


oh no!! I am so sorry about your allergies! My son, who is only 3, has horrible hay fever!! Its to hard! I hope you feel better soon.... enjoy the sushi ;) That always makes me smile! I hope you are having a nice week!!


Oh noo! :( Sorry to hear about your son!! Thanks though! And yes, sushi always makes everything better!!


The pollen is the WORST! I live in CHS, SC and it's been the worst this year than any year in the past. Here's to hoping we get some relief!