Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap and Other Rambligs

Soo this weekend was pretty good, to say the least! Friday, as usual, Tony and I met at Trader Joes to do some grocery shopping. We decided we wanted to get a pizza for Friday night. Once we got back to his apartment, we also decided we wanted to rent a movie. So, we went to a Red Box and was going to rent "Zombieland", but it was out, so we decided on getting "Where the Wild Things Are". It was a really cute movie!

Saturday we went to go look at phones since I'm getting a new one for my birthday! So, I decided on this one!

It's a Palm Pixi and I LOOOVE it! It's all touch except for the keys. So, basically I cannot wait for my birthday!!

After spending all day with my babes I left around 4:30 to head back to my place to get ready to have girls night with Mary!!

We met up at the mall, did some window shopping, then headed to dinner at Chili's. Again. :) It was so fun! Here are a few pics from the night..

I'm the brunette if you didn't already know! ;)

So, anyways, it was a great night!

Sunday I woke up and scrubbed down my bathroom (it reallllly needed it!)

Then I mowed the lawn. Yeah, 'lil 'ol me.

Let's just say I'm going to leave that job for Tony if we end up living together!

Man, oh, man. The flap that is on the bottom that is supposed to keep the grass and stuff from flying out and up at you, yeah, it wasn't present.

Let's just say I had grass/dirt on my nose, ears, MOUTH, hair, and everywhere else on my body. It. was. disgusting. Seriously.

Never again.

Then after I got cleaned up, I headed to my dad's house for dinner. :)

We had rice and barbeque ribs! Mmm!

By the way, if you like white rice, my dad and grandfather (Papa) make the BEST! It's my favorite food because of them!

Then, I came home and did a little studying.

And then watched a little of the Country Music Awards! Go Carrie and Miranda!

Today was spent at school and Tony's place. :) Pretty nice, relaxing Monday!!

I hope ya'll had a great Monday!!



I loveee white rice! Yumm.

You and your friend look like you had fun! Cute pics :-)

I also watched the ACM's. I'm a little shocked Miranda won the female vocalist award over Carrie but they're both great! (that's the award she won right? lol)

Have a good day! :-)

Crazy Shenanigans

It sounds like you had a great weekend! I mowed the grass this weekend as well and oh man! That really is a chore!