Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Fun day?

Not so much.

Except for church. :)

I headed out to the 11AM service at around 10:15 so I could stop by quicktrip because I always stop by there in the way to church.

They have the BEST vanilla cappucinos!

I also left so early(even though I only live 10 min from church) because I HATE HATE HATE being late to anything!

I think I've realized that this is my biggest pet peeve.

I also hate when people are late to meeting up with me.


I always make sure I'm on time by giving myself more than enough time to get ready and be to the destination on time.

I've learned that I get this from my dad. :)

Growing up, whenever we had to leave early in the morning for roadtrips, my dad would be soo mad if we were behind and if we didn't leave exactly at 6AM.

But of course, I was never the one who was behind. I was the first one awake and ready to go by 6AM.

It's just how I am.

Deal with it.


 My dad and my stepmom and her adorable dog, Sophie.

So I met up with my friend Mary at church.

It was a really good service.

It was titled, "Where is God's love now?"

It was about how many of us only praise God when our lives are going good, and ask, "Where is Your love now, God?" when things are going badly.

So, we need to always know that He loves us no matter what.

No matter how badly we have messed up.

He will always love us.

After church I headed back home because I had to type a paper.

Yes, I finished.

So, I decided to do a little shopping at Dots Fashions.

I STILL had a $50 gift card from Christmas!

Yeah, I know I know.

I got a plain black shirt, a plain lime green shirt, a plain purple spaghetti straped shirt, a plain turqoise spaghetti straped shirt, and a denim dress!

I be stylin' now.


Oh gosh..

So that was my day!

I also went to my dad's house for dinner. Just like every Sunday, if you didn't already know.

My 21st birthday is in 27 days. Yes, I counted.

Not that I'm a big drinker or anything, but I'm just excited. It's the last 'big' birthday! I guess besides 25? I'm not sure about that one.

Plus, everytime I go to a restaurant I always look at the drinks menu to see what they have and the fruity alcoholic drinks always look SO delicious.

Plus I LOOOOOVE Strawberry Daquiris and I cannot wait to get one, with alcohol! Woot woot.

Off to bed.


He & Me + 3

I am always late....three kids are hard to get up and out the door on time anywhere. LOL Guess I should get up earlier. Yum to the capp. I have to have an iced coffee on the way to church too.
Cute pic of the parents & doggie.
I am your newest follower too:)


you are too cute...countin down the days to being 21! exciting :)
i'd much rather be early than late! totally with ya there!
hope you are having a good day hun!

Heather @ Gerber Days

I think it's a great quality to always be on time! I don't like waiting for people, although... if my hubby isn't with me, I do tend to be 5 minutes late. He's always 5 early. ;)

Brittany Ann

I know how you feel. Being late or when others are late to me bugs me to no end! Such a pet peeve! It's literally like one of my love languages - timeliness.


I always was on time for everything before after I'm always late! ugh.
Happy almost bday! :) I'm following your blog now :D. ~Jill