Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Really?!? What?!? Wait....What?!?!

I know you are probably wondering about the title of this post..

Sunday Tony and I don't get to see each other, so I decided to call him up so I could hear his voice.

We talked for an hour and a half just about random things.

I mentioned that next year (mostly summer) is going be so packed full.

My step-sister will be graduating high school, so I will be going to Kansas for that in May '11.

My brother will be graduating college in May '11 at GA State.

My step-mom and step-bro (maybe step-sis if she decides to go to college her in GA) are going to be moving down here in July or August or 2011.

In January 2011 I will be transferring to Kennesaw State and maybe moving there too. Haven't figured out if I want to live at home and drive 45 min to go to school.

Tony will be finishing his MBA in in July 2011.

So, we were talking about all these "big" things are going to be happening and then he said "yeah and maybe something else".

I thought, hmm.. Wonder what he's talking about. So I just kinda shrugged it off and got off the phone to mow the lawn.

Later that night we were texting each other and I asked about what he meant when he said that.

He said, "I just think it'd be nice to show a more "official" way that we are together.. If money is okay and all".

Does that mean what I think it means?!?


What do you guys think?

I'd really like to know!

He was kind of hinting at it but wouldn't really say it.

Let me know if this is what you guys think it means!

Let me know if you think I will be getting one of these next year!!


Brittany Ann

Sounds like a ring to me! Ask him! Maybe he'll tell you exactly what he means! I think he's going to propose!



ohhh la la!

{:miss v:}

Wow! I'm not sure but it would be exciting!!!


Yeah, I guess I never thought to ask! HAHA! :)I just LOVE surprises, so I kinda don't wanna ruin the surprise!!

Crazy Shenanigans

I think it sounds like it could be leaning that way!

Cop Mama

Most guys don't hint about that stuff unless they are ready to back it up! Good luck, how exciting!

Nice to meet you! Thanks for the follow, I'm following you back :-)


Ummmm...DUH!!!! Yah...that is egggggactly what he means! How exciting!


Sounds like what he means to me!! :) But if you don't want to ruin the surprise I would just kinda leave it at that and let him hint all it wants. It could be fun. :)

Taylor-Made Wife

Thats what it sounds like to me!! I completely agree with Ashley. Sit back and relax now...plus if you aren't careful you will start expecting it to the point where you get upset because he isn't doing it a little faster. Just enjoy it!

Natalie Catherine

o lala!! can't wait to find out what happens!! thanks for following me!


It certainly sounds to me as though a proposal is in the near future. How exciting!