Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh, yes, it's ladies night and the feelings right

Love that song!

Today/tonight was a blast!

Earlier today, Tony and I wanted to go have a picnic at Kennesaw Mountain.

So, we packed some sandwiches and chips and dip and headed out.

Come to find out, the road to get there is closed. :(

And it's not opening back up until 5/31.

Soo, we tried to think of any other places we could go..


So, we decided to go back to his apartment and at least sit on the balcony and eat. It was still fun, nonetheless. :)

Tonight, Tony and his friend Matt went to watch a UFC fight, and I decided I'd skip.

But it all worked out.

Because around 5PM, I headed back to my house and got cleaned up because tonight was LADIES NIGHT!

So I left around 6PM to meet up with my girl, Mary, at Starbucks.

We hung out there for about 15 minutes, and decided it was FREEZING inside.

So, we went outside because we thought it'd be warmer..

Eh, it was about the same temp as inside 'bucks.

It wasn't 'freezing', but chilly. We weren't in the sun, and it was windy.

So, we decided to leave to go to the mall. We window shopped, 'till we dropped.

We went in Arden B and Charlotte Russe. I tried on a dress and so did Mary. We knew we weren't going to buy them, but we had fun anyways.

The dresses didn't look too good on us.

Oh well.

Then we went into Brookstone and tried out the massage chairs.

We went in a few other stores, and realized we were gettin' hungry.

Nothing in the food court looked appetizing, so we decided we were gonna go someplace outside of the mall.

We decided on Chili's.

One of my all time favorite restaurants!

We ate and talked about boys. :)

It was a really fun, and much needed evening.

I got home around 10:30, and here I am.

Happy. :)

I love having girls night.

I love my boyfriend, but it's good to have a girls night once in a while, too!

Here are a few pics from the night...


My girl, Mary, acting goofy! I wish she had a blog. :(

A lady on her cellphone at a stoplight on the way to the mall. Don't ask why we took this picture, I just felt the need. Only Mary would understand. :)

Us on our way to the mall.

Walking to her car from the mall. She's so pretty, isn't she?!

Us acting like goofballs on our way to Chili's.

Goofballs, again.

Mary being crazy!


Crazy Shenanigans

Glad you had a fun girls night!

{:miss v:}

Looks like a fun night! I love me some girly time AND mall time! haha! A girl after my own heart!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Nice to 'meet' you! Hope you have a fabulous Sunday! ;)


love your sunglasses!

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Hello, found you on a friends blog! Thought I would come take a looksy! Love what I see ;) You have gorgeous hair btw.

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