Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, so I'm doing Wishful Wednesday! So, here goes!

'I wish' .... I could re-live one Easter memory from my childhood, and it would be the Easter that ______!

I lived in Florida. I lived there when I was 3 years old until almost 7. Those are the Easters I remember vividly. I would wake up and open my Easter basket, then my mom, dad, brother, and I would go to church and my mom would dress me in a really pretty Easter dress. After church, we would come home and go on the egg hunt! I remember trying to compete with my brother to see who would find my most eggs! I was always so excited to open them and see what was inside!

Easter was always a fun holiday! I can't wait until I have my own kids and I get to re-live the Easter egg hunt all over again! Plus, I get to buy really cute Easter church clothes for them!! :)

If I had a little girl, I'd totally dress her in this for Easter.

If I had a little boy, this would be the cutest outfit for Easter! ;-)