Wednesday, March 3, 2010

American Idol WEDNESDAY!

The girls performed tonight! My three favorite girls did excellent! Especially Katelyn Epperly! She's my most favorite girl! What a voice she has!

Today I spent the morning watching t.v. and relaxing and waiting for Tony to come over for lunch. Then, when he left I got ready and headed to class to take my Stats test! I think I did OKAY, but we'll see! Probably won't be my best grade ever, but who knows!

After the test I came home and caught up on Oprah and Dr. Phil! Then I started my World Lit paper! I finally finished it about 5 minutes ago! :P

This weekend Tony, me, and his roommate Mike are going to look at apartments in Alpharetta! :) I cannot wait! I'm so pumped that he is moving near me!!

Spring break starts officially on Friday!! I'm not going anywhere, but I'm just excited that I don't have to worry about school work for a week! And that I will be getting to spend a little more time with my wonderful man!

That's all for tonight! Nighty-night! :)