Wednesday, March 17, 2010

School Schmool

Catchy title, eh? :)

I'm getting tired of school. I just wish I was almost finished! I was supposed to graduate high school in '07, but I got behind (because I never went to school..shh) and actually graduated a year later in '08. So I didn't start college until Aug '08. Also, I had to take these stupid pre-req classes my freshman year because apparently I didn't do so hot on my entrance exam.

SO, I've only been in school for a year and a half and I'm already sick of it. I have a few more core classes to take, then I can start my Early Childhood Ed classes. I will be taking some in the fall of this year. :)


Monday, before class, I went to Starbucks with my friend, Mary, and we talked and caught up for about 30 minutes. Since we are both in the same Statistics class, we both left together and headed off to class around 2. It's a LITTLE hard to concentrate with her sitting next to me in class because we are always goofing off and texting each other back and forth. Can I say high school?! HAHA!

No, but really. She keeps me sane in that class!

Then after class , I came home and relaxed and watched some T.V. Then I headed over to my dad's house for some dinner! Usually, I go over there on Sunday nights, but on Sunday night he was driving home from Kansas, so we decided to have dinner Monday night. I haven't seen him in over a month! So we had my FAVORTIE food (rice) and chicken and veggies. Then we watched some T.V. along with my brother and then I headed back home and chilled.

Tuesday, I took an online test and did some online class homework. After that, I decided to catch up on some shows I've missed. I watched 20/20: Inside The Bachelor. All I can say is WOW. Then Tony asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with him, his sister Ashley, and his dad. I said yes, of course! I love his family! So I met Tony at his apartment around 6:45 and we headed off to Buffalos Cafe. We talked and caught up while I ate my chicken tenders and fries and drank my diet coke. MMM!

Then Tony and I headed back to his place and watched American Idol. I missed the first 3 people sing, but I caught the last 9.

LEE DEWYZE LEE DEWYZE LEE DEWYZE! Can I just say he's like...perfect?!? Ok, so maybe not perfect, but close enough! He's BY FAR my favorite! His voice is just so amazing!

I think the others did okay. Didi Benami did great also. Those are my top 2 favorites right now. Noone did terrible in my book. Guess we will see tonight who gets voted off!

I think it will be Andrew Garcia. He just doesn't have American Idol potential, I think. We'll see.


Unfortunately, I don't have any winter clothes that are green. And it's a little chilly outside. I have a light green dress, but that's for summer.

Today I have class. Mon and Wed from 2:30-3:45. Lucky me!

Talk to ya'll later!


Lyss :)

im tired of school too! But it gets a lot better once you start ed classes! Just dont wish it away.. trust me! haha


Haha. I'll try! ;-P


I guess we DO have a lot in common : ) I went to school for ECE and now teach preschool. You will love the classes!


Really?! You're RIGHT! We do have a lot in common! I have my mind set on teaching Elementary, but I'm gonna start thinking about preschool too!