Thursday, March 11, 2010

Why, American Idol, Why?!

I can't believe Paige Miles is still here. She did bad last week. Bad. Last night I was 95 % sure she was going home! I CANNOT believe one of my favorites girls (and I believe one of the best), Katelyn Epperly went home over Paige Miles.

Now for Todrick Hall. I think it was his time to go home. He is more of a gospel singer, and just not cut out of American Idol (since they aren't looking for a gospel singer).

I think Alex Lambert should of stayed instead of Andrew Garcia. But, I guess we can't all win. Right?

I think it definitely was time for Lily Scott to go home. She's just not the American Idol type.

I'm SO glad that Lee Dewyze and Didi Benami are still here. They are my two top favorites! I'm also starting to like Lacey Brown a lot! We will see next week if I still do. :P

Well, there's my Idol update! Hope you enjoyed! ;-)