Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"I've got a wonderful feeling, Everything's going my way"

It's been a couple days! Sorry guys! Or shall I say girls? Sunday all I did ALL day was lounge around and watch T.V.! It was a very, very relaxing day to say the least! I watched the Oscars Sunday night and I'm SO glad Sandra Bullock won Best Actress! She was great in "The Blind Side".

Monday, I stayed in all day AGAIN (I'm taking advantage of my Spring Break!) and I watched T.V. and just chilled. I was very content. I just wish Tony didn't have to work so he could of enjoyed it with me! Then last night I headed over to Tony's and we watched 'The Bachelor: Jason and Molly's Wedding'. It was SO gorgeous and romantic. It started pouring down rain when they were reciting their vows, but it was beautiful!

Then, again, today I relaxed ALL day! What a GREAT week this has been because I haven't  had ANY worries about school! I have just been 'takin' it easy'! Tonight I headed over to Tony's and we watched American Idol! Actually, I watched American Idol while Tony browsed the web on his laptop sitting next to me.

I thought the girls did kinda sucky tonight. One of my faovrite girls, Katie Stevens, didn't do too well. Actually, she was one of the worst of the night, in my opinion. My other two favorites, Katelyn Epperly and Didi Benami, did okay. Crystal Bowersox did pretty good, and so did Lacey Brown. I think they did the best!

Tomorrow is the guys' night. We will see how that goes! Until then..

Nighty night!