Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goodbye SB '10

Since it's Sunday, March 14, 2010, that means that Spring Break is over. It was a relaxing one, to say the least! It went by really, really fast though. Even though I didn't do squat!

Yesterday Tony and I went shopping for him for more work clothes. He got three dress shirts and a pair of pants.

We decided to try out this new sushi place called Sushi Bites. Before we went there, we stopped by Macy's to return Tony's dress pants that he bought for work. They fit perfectly in the waist, but a little too tight elsewhere.

We couldn't fit the correct size, so he has to order them online.

Or go to another Macy's.

So back to sushi..

It was really good. I got a tempura crab, 2 spicy chicken maki's, and one tempura tuna. I also tried 2 of Tony's cajun crawfish rolls. Yum!

Then we headed back to his apartment and hung around. :)

It was a great Saturday!

Now, back to reality with school.


May needs to come QUICKLY, please!

Just 2 months!!