Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a Weekend!

My weekend has been great so far! Friday night we stayed in and curled up on the couch and watched Russell Peters stand up comedy! He is TOO funny! If you don't know who he is, go look him up on youtube and watch him! SO hilarious! Then today Tony, me, and Mike (his roommate) went to go look at apartments around 11AM. Tony and Mike are moving to Alpharetta since it's closer to Tony's work. So, we first went to AMLI. We took a look at two apartments and really, really liked them. We left there and stopped off at Chick-fil-A and Tony and got a grilled chicken sandwich and a fruit cup with diet lemonade and I got the grilled chicken sandwich and a diet coke. YUM!

Then, we proceeded on to three more apartment complex's. None of them were as nice as AMLI! So, as Mike and Tony decided that AMLI was the one, they talked about how they would come back tomorrow to put an application in and seal the deal. :)

WELL, I suggested to just do it today since we were over there anyway and there was no need to come back tomorrow! Tony agreed and called up Mike and they headed over and put an application in and set the deal! They are moving in May 15th!!

I'm really excited for Tony because he will be saving a ton of money per month on gas! PLUS, he will literally be 3 minutes away from my house!! No more having to drive 45 minutes to go see him! (Even though I'd do it anyway ;) )

Now, we just wait for May 15th to get here and I CAN'T wait! Looks like May is going to be a pretty awesome birthday! Tony is moving down the street and I'm turning 21!! :) WOOT!

So, after they finished the deal, we headed back to Tony's place and relaxed for a little bit and then decided to go eat some mexican at Los Reyes!

It's a really cool restaurant! We got some chips and salsa and queso for appetizer. Tony and I both got the same thing for entree. One beef taco, one beef burrito, rice and refried beans. Yum! It was delish!

Then we headed back to Tony's and curled up and watched some more of Russell Peters. This guy is really funny. I'm tellin' ya!

Now I'm here blogging! What a GREAT weekend so far! Tomorrow I'm just going to relax al day!

Have a great rest of your weekend everyone!