Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Things First!

So, I'm a little new to this, but not really. I had a "blog" when I was in high school on Xanga, but this is more of a 'mature' blog website I guess you could say. Where to start? Well, I currently live in Alpharetta, GA with my mother and a house full of animals. Yeah, 2 dogs and 6 cats! I'm 20 year old and attending Georgia Perimeter College University. It's a community college, which means I was too lazy in high school to actually care enough to put in enough effort to try and get into a University here in Georgia. So, as a result, I'm at GA Perimeter trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

On another note, I have an AMAZING, caring, thoughtful, sexy, sensitive, remarkable boyfriend , Tony. We have been together almost a year ( it will be a year on Feb 14) and he has all the qualities I have looked for in my 'dream man'. I'm sure you will read a LOT about him in this blog. What else? I have an amazing family who has always been there for me, even if sometimes I complain about 'em. I wanted to create a blog to have a place to write down my thoughts and keep memories stored away so look back on one day! This is the conclusion of my first post and I hope I get some people who will actually care enough about my life to read about it! I will be surprised if more than 1 person reads this!