Sunday, February 28, 2010

I love family time!

Well, I got back from Myrtle Beach about an hour and a half ago. I got settled in, took a shower, and got online to see what I've missed! I haven't even unpacked yet! For some reason, unpacking sucks much more than packing! Ugh! Anyways.. Let me tell you about my wonderful trip!

At 9AM on Saturday morning, Ashley ( Tony's sister if you didn't know) got dropped off by her fiance, Kirk at Tony's apartnment. Perfect timing, because Tony and I were just walking down to put our stuff in his car. Then we greet them and Tony starts the car to get it warmed up and Ashley and I get in, waiting for Tony to get the rest of his stuff. So then we leave the apartment, and stop to get some gas. After that, we decided that we are pretty hungry, so we stop at Mrs. Winners and we each got a chicken biscuit! Mmm! So then we are on our way! About halfway there we stop at Augusta at this place called Stuckey's and we grab some snacks and then head on again! We finally arrive at April and Ryan's house at 3:30 PM and there are tons of family there. Ryan's side of the family, and April's. Madison is wearing the CUTEST dress that is red with a ladybug on it and her name! She is also wearing black tights and the cutest black shoes. I see her walking and I can't believe she can walk now! So, we open presents and then sing happy birthday and Maddy starts licking the icing off her cake. And she's lovin' it!

So, meanwhile we are all standing around and chit-chatting. We decide to head out with everyone and grab some dinner at this really good seafood restaurant (can't remember the name) and Tony and I get a Volcano Roll! Yumm! It had crab, asparagus, and cream cheese in it! So good! Then we head back to the condo where Ashley, Tony, me, and Tony's parents are staying. It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath condo. Really nice! Then we all sit down and start talking about stuff. :) It was good to catch up with them! Then everyone heads to bed. I finally get to sleep around 12:30 AM.

This morning was Madison's christening. So, we were told to be at the church bright and early at 8AM. Tony and I heard we had to leave at 7:30AM, so we decided to get up at 6:45 AM and get ready to go. We head out at 7:30 and get to the church. Come to find out, the service is at 8:30 instead of 8. So, everyone was kinda like what?! Because we could of slept longer! And trust me, sleep is precious!

So then Maddy gets christened and after the minister is done saying the prayer and all the things he needs to say for her to be christened, she starts clapping. Immediately the whole church starts laughing then clapping with her. It was the funniest thing!! And SO cute, of course! Then after the service, it was 9:30AM, and by this time Tony and I are STARVING, so Tony, me, Ashley, and their parents head over to Bob Evans to get some breakfast! I had the biscuits and gravy! Mmm! Then we head over to April and Ryans and hang out with them for a little bit.

We head out around 1:30. We stop at the gas station to get some snacks and we were on our way! We also stopped at Captain D's. Yum! I got the fried fish and fries! Haha. We drop Ashley off at her apartment then head back to Tony's and I grab my stuff and come back home. Now, here I am! Haha!

What a great trip I had though! I LOVE Tony's family. Like LOVE LOVE! Haha. And I love spending time with them! I love being able to get away with Tony also. Seeing how he is with his family, makes me fall in love with him all over again!

I feel like during this trip I've gotten closer to his family. Especially his sister, Ashley. We get along great! Ahh, what a great family to be apart of! Now, all I need is a ring! ;-)

No, but really. If Tony and I do get married, what an honor it will be to be apart of his family!

Well, off I go to sleep! The past two nights I've gotten 6 hrs of sleep. I'm usually running on 8 or 9! Haha! So, now I'm going to go to sleep and may never wake up! No, I kid. Haha!


Madison and Tony's sister, Ashley!

Maddy lookin' cute!!