Monday, February 22, 2010

Music Monday!

So I've been reading on other's blogs that Monday is music Monday where you post one of your favorite songs or a song you really enjoy listening to! One of my favorite songs is called "Mama's Song" by Carrie Underwood. It's about a mother and a daughter and how the daughter found a really great man who treats her like a princess and how a woman is supposed to be treated. She is letting her mother know that she taught her all the right things and now it's time for her mother to give her away to this man. It's such a sweet song! Whenever I hear it, I automatically think about my boyfriend. He treats me the way a woman is supposed to be treated. He is so very good to me! And I don't want my mother to worry about me once we get married! So, this is a perfect song for the time of my life that I'm at right now!