Friday, February 12, 2010

Lazy Days!

So today I did a whole lot of...nothing! I was supposed to be doing a little studyin' since I didn't have class and then run some errands for Valentine's Day, but I just could not find the energy! So, as a procrastinator, I put it off until tomorrow.. I know, I know. But I WILL get them done! I have to! If you REALLY wanna know what I did today, I guess I could share! I woke up around 10AM and watched The Doctors while I ate some low carb pasta with chicken. Yes, I said LOW CARB PASTA for all of you who didn't know there was a such thing! Anyways, back to The Doctors..What an awesome show! They teach you SO many things that you never would of thought about!

Back to my day..After I ate I did my daily workout routine and then waited around for Tony to come over on his lunch break! After he came over and hung out for 30 min, I got pretty sad because I don't get to see him every single day like I'd want and I don't get to sleep next to him... Yet! So, then I browsed the web for a good hour! Reading other people's blogs and seeing what they are up to. Then I headed over to Tony's apartment in Kennesaw (which is 45 min away) and we cuddled and watched t.v. together. :-) Now I'm on here writing down my thoughts. Lazy days like these make me wish I had children.. Just so they can keep me on my toes! One day! A girl can dream, right?

Here is the low carb pasta I mentioned! 5 g of carbs a serving! For those of you who are seeking to lose weight and want to try the low carb route, or if you are just wanting to watch your carb intake, this is PERFECT!


Ria Thurston

Hi! Thanks for coming by my blog... I am following you now! Are you newer to blog world? We are close to the same age... I am a student too! Oh the joys of college :)


Yes, I just joined a few days ago! I'm loving it and love reading everyone's blogs! Yes, I saw that we are close to the same age! I will be 21 in May! Although I am not married, I am in a serious relationship! So we do have some things in common! :-)