Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lovin' Saturdays

Saturdays used to be a day that I would cherish, only for the reason that it was one out of two days where I could sleep in. But now I cherish it because I get to spend all day with Tony! Tony and I decided to go look at this Honda Civic out in Buford at the Honda Mall of Georgia that was a really good price! So I met him at his apartment at 12 PM and we headed out around 1 PM, thinking it was early enough that the Civic wouldn't be gone. Well, come to find out, everyone likes to be out and about on Saturdays so we hit some traffic which put us back probably about 20 minutes. We got to the dealership and come to find out 30 min earlier someone already bought the car! We were both disappointed! So, we left there, and we were starving so we decided to stop at this mexican place called La Cazuela. We got some chips and salsa and Tony got some enchiladas and I got some carnitas. It was a pretty good place.

Then we headed back to Tony's place and got online and started looking at more Honda Civic's around the area. We found one that we liked that is at Honda Carland out in Alpharetta, so we are going to go look at it tomorrow. It's a coupe and pretty nice! Hopefully it will still be there tomorrow!

Today was a great day overall! Not looking forward to tomorrow and next week because of school. ERG! Oh well.. Gotta do what you gotta do!


Mr. and Mrs. Stoneking

So sorry to hear about the civic! I'm sure there will be something out there, even better!


I hope so!! He has an Explorer right now, so a Civic would be perfect since he is trying to save on the gas money!!