Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

Today was such a beautiful day! Tony and I decided to meet up at 1 PM to go to Honda Carland to check out the Civic we saw online! It opened at 1:00, so we wanted to be the first people there so no one else could steal his car! :-P We were the first ones there and found the Civic! Come to find out, it was actually priced $5,000 lower online that it actually was! Someone made a mistake and posted it for the wrong price online! So, since they HAVE to sell it for the price it was online, Tony got a GREAT deal! He decided to buy it! He would save about $55 on car payments and around $67 on gas a month! This is huge! Since his Explorer ate up gas!

It took 2 hrs to finally close the deal, but it was ok because it was well worth it! Tony needed a more fuel efficient car because he drives to Alpharetta from Kennesaw 5 days a week for work! That's 40 miles a day! Tony is moving to Alpharetta in May once his lease is up at his apartment now, so he can be closer to work. Where he is wanting to move is basically 2 miles away from work, and 2 miles and 3 minutes away from me!!! I'm more than excited that the love of my life is going to be just a few minutes down the street! Literally! Ahh! Only 3 more months! So, back to the car. Once he moves to Alpharetta, he will be saving a ton of money because instead of having to drive 40 miles to work, 5 times a week, it will only be about 4 miles! AWESOME!

I'm so very excited for him! After he bought the car, we decided to head to Kroger so I can get somethin' for my mom. I was lovin' the way the car rides! That's all I have done today! Pretty successful day, to say the least! Tomorrow is Monday again, the weekends always go by so fast! But, it's ok! I'm just glad I only go to school twice a week! I'm taking one class on campus and 5 online! Crazy you might think?! Neh, it's not as bad as you think. I love online classes. Too bad once I get into my major classes, I won't be taking 'em online anymore. Oh well!

Tony's old car - 2006 Ford Explorer

Tony's new car! :-) 2008 Honda Civic

Desperate Housewives tonight and Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Two of the many shows I watch a week! :-P

Have a great rest of the night!