Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy 1 Year & Valentine's!

A year goes by SO fast. I guess I will tell ya'll how Tony and I became boyfriend and girlfriend. This time last year, Tony and I were getting ready for our fancy dinner date at his sister Ashley's restaurant, Indigo! We ordered really yummy food and were so happy to be together on Valentine's Day. Little did I know what was to come! That night driving home, Tony and I couldn't stop texting about how much fun we had that night. I told him that I was ready to be his girlfriend whenever he was (because I was waiting on him) and he then said, "I'm ready! Be my girlfriend?" in his text. So I was SO excited that went I got home I changed my facebook status to in a relationship and it was official!

In the past I was scared of commitment, but when I met Tony and got to know him, I knew he was different. I knew that this would be a different kind of relationship that would last. I knew that it wouldn't just be some "fling". That was the main reason why I was so thrilled to be called his girlfriend! We have expeirenced so many things together and have made so many memories! I can't wait to see what the coming years have to hold! Yes, I said years! Meaning, I believe with all my heart and soul that he is "the one". When I look to date someone, it's not just for fun. I'm looking for my life partner, not someone to waste time with. So, Tony and I have such a great relationship that I just know we can last. We are best friends.

So, in celebration of our 1 year anniversary, he told me his was taking me to dinner, but he would not say where! I had a few places that it could have been, but I still wasn't 100% sure. To show Tony my love and to celebrate this amazing milestone, I baked him red velvet cupcakes ( since red velvet is his favorite type of cake) and I wrote him a "50 Reasons Why I Love You" letter. I also typed out lyrics to "My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw because I believed it described our relationship perfectly! I also got him a really sweet, romantic card and a box full of Hershey Caramel Kisses!

For his part, he told me to wait in the living room of his apartment while he brought out a really pretty bag that said "Happy Valentine's Day", since we did a joint celebration of our anniversary and V-day. So then I looked inside and pulled out the cutest stuffed frog that said "Love You" on it! We named him "Bruce". Haha! Last year, Tony got me a small stuffed red and white puppy, so this year he decided on a frog. I think it's going to be a tradition to get some sort of stuffed animal every year? Haha! Anyways, then I look inside again and found a card. It was so sweet and Tony had written his own sweet words in it too! Then I looked back into the bag and there was chocolates! SUGAR FREE chocolates! I was thrilled! I looked back into the bag and was like well, nothing left! Then Tony told me he'd be right back and reappeared 5 seconds later with beautiful flowers! What a sweet boyfriend I have! Then he said our reservations were at 7:30, so we decided to leave at 6:45 to give us enough time to get there.

On the way there, Tony went a different way then the way we usually go and I had a feeling we were going to Indigo. I was a little disappointed just because we went there New Year's Eve and last Valentine's Day and I wanted to go somewhere different ( even though I love Indigo and seeing Ashley!). He pulled into the parking lot and I was a little upset. I kept saying things like "again?!" and "seriously?!", but then he said "just kidding" and laughed his head off because I was getting mad! Haha. Ohh boy! Then we pulled out of there and headed toward our destination. I knew where we were going as soon as he turned onto 92. We ended up going to Brookwood Grill! The food is so great, and I've wanted to go there since the summer, and he remembered!

I ordered a diet coke and chicken and vegetable soup, and he ordered a water, salad, smoked gouda mac & cheese, and french onion soup! Our meals were delicious and the service was great! In the middle of our meal, though, a lady screamed, "we need a doctor!" and everyone got nervous and someone called 911 and they were there in just a couple minutes! We are not sure what happend but we heard that she was ok!

What a great night I had with the most amazing person! It was the perfect Valentine's Day and 1 year anniversary! I can't wait to spend maaaany more with him!
                                                   Here are a few photos of the night!