Monday, August 2, 2010

Hopin and Prayin!

So, today I got a call from the job that I applied at (which is also where my brother works) in July.

If you don't know what job I'm talking about, go here.

The job would be a cashier, just taking people's money.

I mean seriously, how much easier can you get with a job?

So, I got a call today from them, and tomorrow I have an interview with them at 11AM!


I dread interviews, but I can get through it.

If I get it, I can't wait to start making money!

I've been jobless for 2 years and it will be good to be making some money.

If I get it, I will only be working 2 or 3 days a week since school will be taking over my life this semester.

I really really really wanna get straight A's this semseter, which means I need lots of time to study, which is why I think working 2 or 3 days a week (probably more like 2) would be best.

There are only two shifts, 8AM-1PM and then 1PM-6PM.

I already told the office manager on the phone that the morning shift would be better for me.

So, wish me luck!!!

I will let y'all know what happens after the interview!

ALSO, I had a interview today at Curves. I decided to just drop in, and I guess after looking at my application she decided to interview right then and there.

Not sure about this one.  I would be a trainer, and I would also have to do some marketing stuff outside of the gym.

She said she's going to call me at the end of the week after she talks to the managers to set up a 2nd interview.

We'll see.

So wish me luck on both of these!