Sunday, August 29, 2010

30DBJ: Day 25

Day 25: Your day in great detail

Just to let y'all know, Tony and I text throughout the day, like all day, so I'm not gonna record that because that would be like every minute of texts. HAH.

Well, here goes nothing.

9:20 AM: Woke up and checked phone and tried to fall back asleep but actually ended up just laying there
10:00 AM: Finally decided that I was not going to fall back asleep and to get up and do something with my day.
10:01 AM: Called Tony, didn't pick up.
10:05 AM: Called him again, no answer.
10:06 AM: Texted him
10:08 AM: He texted back
10:10 AM: I called him and we talked for 3 minutes.
10:15 AM: Finally got out of bed and went to the bathroom and took medicine and brushed teeth
10:20 AM: Checked facebook, blogger, email, online classes
10:50AM: Went into the kitchen and made waffles
11:00 AM: Got back online and read blogs.
11:10 AM: Changed clothes, brushed hair, put hair up
11:20 AM: Got my books together to go study at Tony's apartment
11:27 AM: Got to Tony's apartment and started on school work while he watched a movie
11:45AM: Ate some chicken and rice.
11:55 AM: Got back to working on school work.
1:00 PM: Took a break from school work to eat a hamburger.
1:10 PM: Back to school work
2:45 PM: Finally done with school work!
2:46 PM: All while I'm doing school work, I develop a massive headache so I decide to take a cat nap on Tony's couch while he plays XBOX.
3:15 PM: Woke up and watch Jerseylicious with Tony
4:00 PM: Left Tony's place to go back to my house
4:07 PM: Arrive at my house and do more studying
4:45 PM: Start taking online quiz
5:25 PM: Finish quiz and leave to go to my dad's house
5:37 PM: Arrive at dad's house
5:38 PM: Play with dad's dog and watch t.v. while dad cooks dinner
6:30 PM: Eat dinner with dad and brother
7:00 PM: Finish dinner and sit back on couch and watch t.v. while dad cleans up
7:15 PM: Dad finishes cleaning up and comes and sits down with me to watch t.v.
7:40 PM: Leave dad's house to go back home
7:50 PM: Arrive home and get on computer and check blogs/facebook
8:33 PM: This is currently. 

So there you have it!

My day is great detail.

Interesting huh?

HAH not.

This is usually how my Sunday's go though. Very laid back.

Have a good one!