Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Girl Time

Today, my friend Meredith, who is always Tony's good friend's girlfriend, came to Tony's pool and her and I layed out!

It was a nice relaxing day, just us girls.

We did a lot of gossiping and just relaxed.

I realize that it's important to have "girl time" or "guy time" when you're in a relationship.

It's not healthy to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend 24/7.

So, unfortunately I forgot to take pics.

I just always forget my camera!

On Saturday, me, Tony, Meredith, her boyfriend Matt, and two others (maybe more) will be going downtown ATL and going to take a tour of Sweetwater Brewery for Matt's birthday celebration! We will be sampling different beers, so that should be fun!

Then afterwards we will go grab some dinner, and who knows what else we will be doing!

This weekend should be loads of fun! :)

Have a great Tuesday!