Monday, August 23, 2010

30 Day Song Challenge Day 29 & 30

Aww this song challenge was really fun! I can't believe it's already over! Went by so quick!

Here is Day 29:

A song from your childhood.

When I think of my childhood, Hanson comes to mind! Mainly this song.

They were the first group I remember liking and listening to!

Hanson - MMMbop

And here we go with Day 30:

Your favorite song at this time last year

Cascada - Evacuate the Dance Floor

I had so much fun with this challenge and I hope y'all had fun listening to my music choices!



:) GREAT choice! lol mmbop! :) love it!

Hillary (First Yr Wife)

Oh man, Mmmbop definitely takes me back! I used to love the middle brother (Taylor, I think?) and had a poster of the group hanging by my bed. I hadn't heard that song in many years though!