Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh Wow.

It's been too long!

I've been SUPER busy!

I got back from my NC trip on Tuesday afternoon and I've just been SO busy with family since!

My family goes back to Kansas tomorrow morning.

I'm very sad. :(

Tony's family will be leaving Sunday afternoon.

So tomorrow Tony and I are going to visit with them and his ADORABLE almost 17 month old niece!

I will try to take pictures!!

Tony and his brother-in-law, Ryan, are going to see a movie tomorow afternoon while his sister, mom, and me get dinner ready :)

It will be a good bonding time for me and his mom and sis!

I promise I will update you next week about my NC trip that ws SUPER fun!

Also, I got accepted to Kennesaw State University!!

It's a university here in GA, and I've wanted to go there ever since I could remember.

It's 45 minutes away from where I live now, so no biggie.

I start in January of next year.

I'm SO stoked!

I applied at my brother's job last week, (he works at a carwash) because I need a job BAD and they just fired 2 people, plus I'm his sister, and they love him, so I'm sure I'll get at least an interview!

The job I would be doing is just cashier.

I'd be sitting in a really nice air conditioned room, taking people's money, watching t.v., getting online, haha!

Shouldn't be TOO hard. ;)

We'll see though!

I really need a job.

So please pray that I get a call back!

Off to bed..

SO tired.