Saturday, July 31, 2010


So, last night Tony and I were grilling some hotdogs and I was going down the apartment stairs pretty fast and my hand was sliding along the handrail and I felt this reallly strong sting and I was just like "oowwww" and Tony came and was asking what was wrong and I just said that it was stinging REALLY bad.

He kept asking if I hit something sharp on the handrail, and I just replied back that it definitely was a sting!

So we are thinking that there was possibly a wasp on the handrail and it was mad and just stung me.


I can't think of anything else it could of been!

So, of course my hand got really red and swelled up a little bit and you could see the stop where I got stung.

That was at about 8PM.

Now it's definitely feeling better, but still hurts.

Running it under cold water makes it hurt worse.

So, I guess I will just let it heal on its own, unless y'all have any suggestions on what to put on a bee or wasp sting?

Also, last night was the premiere of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.

And since I live in Atlanta, and I LOVE this show, Tony and I watched it!


I'm so lucky to have a guy that puts up with my shows.

Gosh I love looking at wedding dresses.

I don't know what is it, I just love 'em.

Can I have this please?

K thnx.

Even though I'm not even engaged, I wish I could go on Say Yes to the Dress!

That'd be soo awesome!

Guess Tony needs to give me a reason to go on the show! ;)



well of course i had to add you back because pretty sure you're awesome!