Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A month from Saturday...

I will be returning to school.

August 17th.

Why am I excited?

Well, a little excited.

I guess 'cause I'm bored.

But I know that once school does start back up, that I will be wishing summer break was back!

Plus, I'm excited to get finished and out of school forever and become a Nurse.

Basically, I'm rambling.

And I need to live with the fact that not everything is going to go as planned.

Plus, it's not really my plan. It's His.

It's crazy to think about what the next few years will be like!

Will I be married? Will I be an RN? Will I have a baby? Will I still be living here in Georgia?

I get excited and nervous thinking about the future, but I try not to think about it too much because I want to live in the moment.


No need to think about a month from now..

I will just worry about today.


Mommy's Sippy Cup

Yay! Congrats on going back to school. That's great!!

I'm having a giveaway if you want to check it out :)


I'd be exciting if I was starting school in a month! I hope to go back to school this spring though :)


i wish I could be excited to go back to school!!! I always wanted to in the summers since more of my friends were from college than home.
It's hard not to worry about the future. YOu never know where life will take you! I never thought I'd be working and living where I am now.

Just Add Walter

wow this post sounds like exactly what I am going through too! its nice to find another "nursey-student friend"!!