Thursday, January 20, 2011

Relationship Status

So, even though I'm going to be really busy with school and the 30 Day Picture Blog for the next 30 days, I decided why not throw something else to make my life ever crazier?

I'm going to be participating in this fun 30 Day Challenge!

Head on over to and this is what she said to particpate and link up!

Day 1: My current relationship status

Well, I think by now y'all know that I have a boyfriend. We have been together for almost two years (it will be two years on Valentines Day). He is truly my best friend and the one person I can act my complete self around. He seriously lights up my life and after two years, he still gives me butterflies. He is the most selfless, caring person you could ever meet and he seriously makes my life better. We have such similar personalities, yet we are very different. If we were to be put on a reality tv show people would seriously think we were the weirdest people ever. We are always joking around and I love him with all my heart.