Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 3 - Drugs and Alcohol

Day 3 - My views on drugs and alcohol.

In my family, there really hasn't been anyone that abused drugs or alcohol. Thank God. Although nobody in my family has ever been a drug addict or alcoholic, my brother's best friend was.

His name is Alec. First things first - Alec was the nicest guy I've ever met. Every time he came to my house to see my brother, he was always smiling. He was a part of our family. My brother knew him ever since he was in middle school (my brother is now 23). They were best friends, along with another guy. They were the three muskateers. Always together. Alec abused prescription pills and he had to go to rehab. Unfortunately, he came out of rehab after about a year, and he started up again. On January 11, 2009 in the morning, he had passed away. He overdosed on pills (and I think alcohol). I'm not completely sure, but I know he had taken prescription pills. I know it was the worst day of my brother's life and it's STILL hard to believe that he's gone - over 2 years later. I miss seeing his smile all the time, and that laugh. Wow. That laugh was so contagious. I remember the last time I saw him. He was over at my dad's house with my brother and another friend and our family, and we were playing Wii. He was just so happy.

Abusing prescription pills is such a big deal. I want people to become more aware of how huge it is. Don't take it lightly.



I agree 100%, until people in this country start taking the prescription pill problem seriously, we will all lose so many bright, talented, beautiful people. I have lost 4 people close to me due to pill addictions, and have many more old friends who are on that road. It is so sad. Sorry for your loss. =[

Chelle & My boys

hey girl thanks for following me love you blog as well. best of luck with your nursing career! I'm a nurse 2


ahh that's horrible, such a young life lost. :/


So sorry to hear this :( Prescription pills are a huge deal, especially since doctors make them easy for people to get.


Alec, was such a sweet guy! While we worked at Verizon he always seemed to have a smile on his face. We will see him one day :)