Thursday, January 27, 2011

30 Day Challenge

Since I'm SO behind, I'm going to do Days 6, 7, 8, and 9 in this post! So bare with me!

Day 6 - 30 facts about myself

1. I'm actually shy until I get to know you.
2. Sugar is my favortie food, besides rice. I LOVE sweets. Like LOVE LOVE. If I could eat cookies and cakes and pies all day long, I would. Unfortunately, my hips wouldn't appreciate that. Ohh that'd be bad.
3. I get really nervous when someone else has my phone besides me. I don't know why.
4. Change can be very difficult for me. It just depends on the situation.
5. I worry a lot.
6. I'm OCD about weird things. Like, I have to pee RIGHT before I lay down to go to sleep. Even if I know I don't have to go. It's weird.
7. I have a new found love for running. One day I'd LOVE to complete a half marathon and eventually (wayyyy down the road) a marathon!
8. I'm more of a listener than a talker.
9. Being late makes me anxious. I hate it. Also, I feel REALLY REALLY bad I'm late to do anything with a friend. Like meet for lunch or something. I hate making people wait. It's rude. With that said, I'm usually always on time. I always give myself enough time to get ready and I usually give myself time for traffic, too. A lot of the time I'm really early to things. I get this from my dad. He is the exact same way. If I say to Tony, "let's leave at 6 to go to dinner" I expect to leave at 6. Not 6:05, but 6:00. He always makes fun of me for it.
10. I put on chapstick every night before I go to sleep. It's a habit.
11. I had my tongue pierced once. I got it when I was 17 (it was like a month before my 18th birthday and so my mom had to come with me) and took it out when I was 19. I just grew out of it. I also had my belly button pierced (got that when I was lik 14) , but I took out the ring because I was going to get a new one (and that one was really old and nasty) and I just forgot to go get a new one so it closed up. Sad day.
12. I wear glasses, but just around my family and Tony. I hate wearing my glasses out in public.
13. My favorite alcoholic drink is a strawberry daqiuri!
14. I've always wanted to have a baby boy first ('cause it's like a trend in our family. Three of my dad's brothers, and himself, had a boy first, then a girl like 2 years later. Except for his youngest brother who has two boys).
15. I'm half puertorican. My dad is puertorican, while my mom is a bunch of things - mainly Irish, though.
16. I love cookbooks! Especially dessert ones. I could sit at Barnes and Noble all day and look at those.
17. I have a huge amount of love for animals. I've had animals my entire life and I just adore them. I think I was a Veternarian in my past life.
18. Tony's family is like my 2nd family. I adore them.
19. I'm really good at reading people. I usually know when someone is lying and I'm good at figuring out mind games people play.
20. I've been told I'm funny. EVERYONE that has met me, has said I'm hilarious. I don't try to be. It's just who I am. But I love making people laugh. :)
21. I really badly want a new wardrobe.
22. I'm moving out this summer in an apartment with my best friend and I don't think I've ever been more excited for anything in my life. People say that living with your best friend could harm the relationship, but I honestly do not see that happening. I just can't.
23. I love sweets. Wait, did I mention that already?
24. I love my bed. Like, really love it. It's HUGE and SO comfy. I really hope I can bring it with me when I move out. But then I don't know what I'd sleep on when I come home to visit my mom.
25. My dad is my hero. He is so hardworking and caring. I'm such a daddy's girl and not ashamed to admit it. I watched American Idol tonight, just him and I (and Shaq his dog, of course) and it was fun to just relax with him and laugh and hang out. It's been a while where it's just been me and him hanging out.
26. I don't wash my face. I just don't. Once I start washing it, I break out like crazy and it SUCKS. If y'all know of a good face wash, let a girl know!
27. I cannot wait to be a momma. Like really.
28. Did I mention I love sweets?
29. I can't remember the last time I went to sleep before 12 AM. Is that bad?
30. I LOVE the beach. It's my favorite place to be.

Day 7 - My zodiac sign and if I think it fits my personality

My sign is Taurus. And yes, I think it fits my personality. You can read about it here. And all of those personality traits definitely fit me!

Day 8 - A moment I felt the most satisfied with my life.

I would say that right now I'm VERY satisfied with my life. I am closer to God, more than I've ever been. I have an amazing boyfriend. I'm closer with my family than I've ever been. I actually have found a true best friend that I can count on. Things are just fantastic!

Day 9 - How I hope my future will be like

I've mentioned this before, but all I care about is being happy. I just want to be happy in the future. Of course I want to be a mother and a wife, though. Those are my main goals. I just my future is happy and successful.