Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's been a 'lil while...

since I last posted.

I talked about how Tony's uncle died of cancer and that his funeral was Friday @ 3PM.

So we headed out around 1ish and drove out about an hour and a half to a city in Georgia called Rome.

It was pouring and Tony had to drive a little faster than normal so we didn't miss it!

We finally got there about 10 minutes before the funeral was about to start.

He had a ton of family and family friends there.

It was very, very sad.

I have never been to a funeral before, so I didn't know what to expect.

I even started to tear up because everyone was crying and how could you not cry at a funeral?

After, we went and ate some dinner at a church.

It was good to see Tony's family, but the circumstance sucked. :(

Tony's sister, her husband, and her 15 mo. old daughter even came, even though they live 6 hrs away!

Tony and I were very happy to be able to see his niece, Madison. She's such a delight!

We headed back to his parents house afterwards to visit with him family. I love being with them.

Saturday morning at 8:30, Tony and I headed to his parent's house to visit with his sister, her husband, and their daughter before they had to leave!

Then we headaed to the Sprint store (because I'm indecisive) to look at another phone. I've decided I don't really like my current one that I got 2 weeks ago and want to trade it back in!

So, I'm getting this bad boy..

It's a Sprint HTC Hero. I like it a lot.

So I will be going back and returning my Palm Pre and getting the Hero sometime this week!

Sunday was spent relaxing, of course.

Today my two classes started!


At least they are online. I've always done better with online classes.

They are half semester, which means they are 3 weeks long, so there is going to be a TON of work to do.


We will see how it goes.

So if I'm not blogging as much as I usually do in the next 3 weeks, it's because of school.

This will be me for the next 3 weeks.


Off to catch some zzzz's.



So sorry about Tonys uncle! Glad you were able to be there.

See you in 3 weeks!

Crazy Shenanigans

I'm sorry to hear about his uncle. That's really sweet of you to have gone to the funeral with him though.

Hope you get a phone you love!