Saturday, May 8, 2010


Wow, I can't believe I'm 21!



I swear I was just 8 yesterday!

Last night I got home from Tony's place around 11:30 and he went to sleep around then..

Well, I was a little disappointed he was going to sleep because last year he was the first one to wish me Happy Birthday at 12AM..

So since he said he was going to sleep at 11:30, I was bummed out.


He set his alarm for 12AM and was the first one to wish me a Happy Birthday!

How sweet is that?!

I'm tellin' ya, I REALLY do have the best boyfriend!!

Also, I have the best mother!!

At 12AM she woke up and gave me one of my presents! :)

This cute little pink bag with a brown and pink polkadot bow and a message that says "Happy 21st Birthday, Courtney"

Then I opened it up and saw all of these! (You can see I alread ate the Reeses and Twix! Not much of a Butterfinger fan, so I will give that to Tony)

Then I saw this little box!

And I opened it and this beautiful ring was inside!!

Isn't it beautiful?

It has a really light blue gem in the middle!


So, that's what my mom has gotten me, so far.

She said there's obviously more to come!


It's 10AM and she's in the shower, so I'm sure once she gets out and ready then it will be present time! :)

Wow..I sound like I'm 5 years old.

I'm going to go get my new phone, a Palm Pixi, here in about an hour and a half to two hours!

Can't wait!
Remember how I told you yesterday I was going to go get a new top for tonight?

Well, it didn't happen because I procrastinate! Bleh!

So today I'm going to go look for a cute top after I get my phone.

Then I will head over to Tony's apartment and we will do gifts and then go out to eat! Woo hoo! :)

Birthdays are awesome.

Here are a few pictures throughout the years.. I only could take three because my camera died :( So I will post more later! :)

I had to take the picture of the picture because I don't know how to do all that scanning crap. Soo this is me around 6 or so? I can't remember. But I had this modeling gig for like a week and it was SOO fun because I could put on all these different outfits. I loved it.

This is me when I was a baby. Not sure how old. Wasn't I just the cutest baby?! When I look at pics of when I was a baby I was like dangg I hope my baby is that cute! Hahahah :) I may be a little biased. :P Let's just say if I have a daughter, she's going to look somewhat like this!

Sorry for the quality..But this is me around 4 or 5 on Christmas morning. :)

So that's it for now.. Tomorrow I will post more pictures of my early years and I will recap on how my birthday went!!! :)



awww happy birthday!! sounds amazing so far! have a great one :)


Happy birthday!! Hope you have a great day!


Happy Birthday!!! :) sounds like a great day!


Happy birthday! Thats a gorgeous ring!


Happy birthday to you..

Happy birthday to you..

Happy birthday dear Courtney..

Happy Birthday to YOUUU!!

Love the ring - so pretty!!

I can't wait to hear what else your mom and Tony got you!!

Hope you're having an awesome birthday night :-)

Crazy Shenanigans

Happy Birthday!! It looks and sounds like it's started out great!!!!