Friday, May 7, 2010

FRIDAY! And show us your life - baby names

It's FRIDAY! Do you know what that means?!?

TOMORROW is my 21st birthday!!!!

It shall be very, very fun! :)

I'm just glad I will be spending it with Tony!

It sucks that I'm the oldest out of most of my friends, so I gotta wait until June, when two of my good friends, turn 21 to go get some drinks with them! Booo! ;)

I can wait... I guess!


I will definitely let y'all know how it goes! :)

If you don't already know what I'm doing for my 21st birthday..go here!

Today I have a ton to do!

Since I have already take 4 finals, and I only have 1 left (that's next Wednesday) I thought I could take a break from studying and enjoy my Friday!

So I'm going to do a little shopping and get a cute top for Saturday night.

I'm also going to stop by my old job that I worked at from Oct '06 - Dec '07. I stopped working there because I realllly needed to focus on school.

It's a daycare.

I'm going to go by there tomorrow and fill out another application and see if I can get the job back!

I also might meet up with my girl, Mary, and get some Starbucks!

So, it's going to be a very relaxing day!

I gotta rest up for Saturday night! ;)

Also, today is Show Us Your Life Friday!

The topic is baby names!

So obviously it's going to be a good while before I have children because I'm not even married yet.


I think it'd just be fun to name some names that I love!

I do have names that I really really like for a girl and a boy!

Yes, Tony and I have talked a little bit about baby names, but obviously not a lot since we are not even married.

He mentioned that he liked this name, and I agreed with him! Now I don't have middle names picked out or anything, because like I said, I'm not even married yet so I haven't really thought about baby names in detail.


I think it is just such a pretty name! Tony and I also talked about that we would probably just call her Bella (and no, not because of that Twilight girl). It's an italian name that means "In Gods name" or "For the Love of God". How cool is that?

Another girl name that is my new favorite and that I am most certain will most likely be my daughter's name (that is, if I have one)


Ahh I just love love love it! Ava is a latin name, and since I'm half puertorican and she would be puertorican too, it would be perfect. It means "like a bird". Cool, eh?

There is another girls name that I really like. I was thisclose to be named it. My mom wanted it to be my name SO bad, but my dad really didn't. So, ever since she told me that I was almost named this, I kinda told her I would name my daughter (if I have one) this.. But, we'll see. ;)


It's really pretty! It's a French name (which I'm like 30% of or something). But I don't like the meaning.. "Elf Ruler".. Eh not so much. But I wouldn't have to tell her what it meant. ;)

I also love this name.


Don't you? Maybe? It's an English name meaning "Heath Near The Wasteland".. Hmm.. I still think it's a unique and gorgeous name.

So, for a boys name, I haven't really thougt about. There are a ton of boys names that I like.


Let's just say it's going to be SUPER hard to pick which one I would want to name my son! Mason is a German name and it means "Stone Worker". Jayden is an English name meaning "Green Gemstone". Brayden is an English name meaning "Broad Valley" and Peyton is a Latin name meaning "Village Warrior". Peyton is the only name that has a cool meaning, plus it's Latin. But we'll see! I still have a long time before I have to decide!!

Night night!

P.S. Please don't think I'm thinking of having a baby anytime soon! It will probably be at least 5 years before I even start trying, that is if I'm married by then! God is in control and only He knows when the time will come. :)



I also love the name Isabella! My husband doesnt though, but I will convince him!


My boss just named her new baby Aubrey :-)

Such cute names you picked :-) My fav. names are McKenna Grace and Brayden Thomas..

And the video of Justin & the little girl.. oh goodness, so stinkin' cute! Justin is like Elmo to her haha

Crazy Shenanigans

I love the names you mentioned! I really like Hadley!