Friday, March 11, 2011

The Name Game!

So I've been seeing this "name game" around the blogosphere and decided to join in!


1. How did your parents decide on your name?
They named me after Courteney Cox. My mom wanted to name me Aubrey at first, but I don't think my dad wanted to, so they decided on Courtney.

2. Do your initials (first/middle/last) spell anything funny?
Nothing funny, but they do spell CRV like the car! :)

3. Did you take your middle name from childhood or did you drop your middle name & take your maiden name as your middle name? (Or if unmarried, what do you plan to do?)

I'm not going to have my maiden name as my middle name. I'm going to keep my middle name.

4. Are you or will you name your children systematically? (ie, same first letter, same origin, etc)
I don't want to do it on purpose, but if they happen to be the same first letters then I won't mind.

5. Did you decide on baby names as a little girl? Did you stick to them or change your mind?

I liked the name Ashley, but I've definitely changed my mind since then. I like more unique names. Ashley is such a common name.

6. Does your family have any names that have been passed down through generations?
My dad is Oscar Jr. and my dad and brother have the same middle name. My mom's middle name is the same as mine and her mother's middle name was the same also.

7. Do you look at the meaning of the name or just the name itself?
No, but I will look up the meaning of the name that I name my future children just to make sure it's not something embarassing to them or bad.

8. Do you name pets with human names or pet names?
A mix. I have a dog named Frankie and Shiloh which are human names. One of our cats name is Bella. I think most of my animals that I've had growing up were pet names. Like Sunnie, Tigger, Peanut, Simba, and a lot more. Ha!

9. Are their any names that you have an affinity or dislike for based on a childhood experience/someone you once knew?

Um, I don't think so.

10. What are some of your favorite names & why?
There are a lot of names I like. I don't know if I want to share though. ;) I will say that I like the names Kaleb and Isabella. Those aren't my top favorites, but I don't want to share those. ;)