Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Heart Family..and Tumblrs?

Day 27 - A picture of myself and a family member.

Well, I have TONS of these..but here ya go!

My sister, me, my nana, my cousin Bianca, and my cousin Alicia in a cabin in Nantahala, North Carolina in July of '10. Most fun trip with my whole family.

Hey, I figured if I was going to post a picture, why not one with many family members? :o)

Day 15 - My favorite Tumblrs.

What's a tumblr? Like Tervis Tumbler? I'm confused. That's why I'm skipping to day 16.

Day 16 - My views on mainstream music.

I love most mainstream music. It's not like I'm tryng to be like all the "cool kids" but I just love what sounds good, and most mainstream music sounds good!

I hope everyone is having a GREAT Thursday!

Today I've worked out, done laundry, studied a 'lil, and watched an episode of Oprah that was taking up space on my DVR.

Also, my mom's boyfriend found this dog on Monday, roaming around and decided to take it to our house!

We DON'T need any more animals here. Not gonna lie..I was a 'lil pissed when he brought this dog into our house.

Now my mom wants to keep it. Which is NOT a good idea.

It looks like a black German Shepard.

Y'all be the judge.

Yes, that's my slipper.

Tony and I plan on finding out where my mom's boyfriend found her and and putting up signs of her this weekend. She's such a sweet dog and I just know her family is missing her terribly.

On Saturday, Tony and I are going to celebrate our 2 year anniversary (which is actually on Valentines Day) and Valentines Day since Monday really isn't a good day for us to be celebrating.

We're going out to dinner (he's suprising me on the place) and then not sure what else.

I'm making him these.


Have a great day, y'all!



I want a dog SO badly however we agreed we won't get one until the hubs comes home from Iraq... so a year and a half from now. A girl can dream in the meantime. Happy anniv!!


that is the cutest dog ever! I hope she finds her home. Happy 2 years :)