Friday, April 8, 2011


I have amazing news!

So, my best friend, Mary, and I were going to get a 4 bedroom 4 bathroom apartment on campus for $585 and we would be moving in August 14th.

Well, the day to start picking apartments and rooms started on Monday, and since I will be transferring to this college from another one (Mary, too) we weren't able to get first dibs in rooms. Freshman got to have the first pick.

So basically, there were no available rooms for Mary and I. I mean, there were, but not for both of us to be living in the same apartment! And that's what we really want.

So we talked it over with our dad's and we are going to be getting our own 2 bedroom 2 bathroom off campus apartment!!

We've already taken a tour and it's beautiful. And get's CHEAPER than the on campus apartments would have been!

It will be around $540 a month (sometimes higher sometimes lower) which is cheaper than $585 on campus!

So, we are pretty much stoked. We are going to have our own apartment with our own stuff.

Another plus is that these apartments are 2.5 miles away from school!

The luxury of having an on campus apartment would have been that we were ON campus.

But since we can't do that, at least these off campus apartments are only 2.5 miles away!


Another plus is that I get the master bedroom!

Ah ha!

Mary and I already talked about it and she seriously doesn't care if I take it or not.

So I made sure she didn't want it, and now it's mine! :)

Tomorrow I'm dropping off my application and application fee.

It's all starting to feel so real.

I will be 45 minutes away from Tony, which is gonna suck.

But we've done that before!

He used to live 45 mins away from me (like 2 minutes away from these apartments!).

Now he lives 5 mins away from me.


We don't have an exact date yet, but they will probably let us know in about a month what our moving date will be!

Although Mary and I are going to have our own apartment, we aren't paying for it. Which kind of isn't really OUR apartment.

Our dad's are paying for it. And no, we're not spoiled rich girls. HAHA!

My dad has the money to pay for it, and he said as long as I study hard and get good grades, then he'll continue to pay for the apartment and food/gas.

Although, I might get a part time job out there, just so I can have money for fun stuff!

Eek! SO excited.

Once I move in, I'll definitely be taking pictures.

Although we don't have the date yet, we told them that we wanted to move in at the end of July, early August since school starts August 17th and we want to be able to be settled before it starts.

I cannot wait to live with my best friend.

We are going to have the time of our lives!


Have a great Friday!!!!



That's awesome! My parents paid for my first apt and it helped a lot! I miss those days. :)


Congrats! That's awesome, I can't wait to see pics!


How exciting for y'all! My parents paid for my stuff during school...don't be ashamed about that! They said as long as I was working hard and making good grades, they wanted to help me!!

You are starting nursing school? That's so exciting! I'm a nurse! I work in the ER!


That is so awesome! My parents paid for my first apartment and it helps out a TON!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO

Wow! That's great and super cheap! So exciting!