Saturday, June 26, 2010

It's been TOO long! Random Ramblings

Wow! It's almost been a week since I last blogged!

A lot has been going on!

On Sunday I took my last final. It was pretty hard, not gonna lie.

I made a B in History though!

Now just waiting on Business.

I'm SO glad classes are over.

No more classes until mid August!

This past week has been pretty fun!

Went bowling with friends, and went to Stone Mountain too.

Today I'm going to head over to Tony's and we're gonna go to the store and get all the ingredients to make a cream cheese pound cake!

Ever since I got the Southern Living cookbook for my birthday, I've been looking through it trying to find something to make, and when I came across the cream cheese pound cake I knew I had to bake it!

So, I'm going to bake that today for Tony. :)

Then we're going to do a little swimsuit shopping. I'm in desperate need of a new suit!

Then, tonight we are going to go to this new place that opened up last week called Studio Movie Grill. It's a movie theater but they give you a menu and serve you dinner as you watch the movie!

It looks pretty neat, so we're gonna try it out.

Next Friday I leave for my family vacation!

I'm super stoked.

My uncle and two cousins come in to ATL Wednesday night from Colorado.

My stepmom, stepbrother, and stepsister come in Thursday night from Kansas City.

My other uncle and aunt and two cousins come in either Wed or Thurs night.

And I think my grandparents are going to be coming Thurs night also.

So everyone is meeting here in ATL and then we are all driving to NC Friday morning.

I can't wait!

I just wish Tony could come. :/

He has work, plus he's SWAMPED with MBA classes.

By the way, speaking of my stepmom, this past week she had a few kidney stones and had to go to the hospital and she couldn't pass them and had to have surgery to get them removed.

She was released from the hospital Thursday night, and she is doing a LOT better. :)

Hmm.. what else?

Last night I was up from 3AM to 5:30AM with really really bad heartburn.

I've been getting heartburn for almost a year now, and it's gotten worse.

The past couple times I've gotten it, I've thrown up.

So next week I'm definitely going to make a doctor appointment to see what that's about.

Tony's sister, brother-in-law, and niece come to ATL July 6th!

Ahh I just LOVE his family!

If we get married, I couldn't imagine a more loving family to marry into.

So, you're probably wondering why my dad lives here, and his wife lives in Kansas City? No? Well I'm gonna tell you why anyway. :)

My dad married my stepmom 11 years ago. He then moved up there to be with her. He lived there for a good 6 years.

When I was in high school, I wasn't doing too good, and I really wanted my dad to live here.

Well, my dad decided he was going to move back down here for a year to help me out with school and try to graduate.

His plan was to only live here a year, once I graduated high school, and to move back to Kansas City after.

Well as he was living here in a small apartment, he got a new job offer here in ATL.

He decided to take the job, which meant he wouldn't be able to move back to Kansas City to be with his wife.

Now, the reason she hasn't moved down here is because of her children.

My stepsister is going to be a senior in high school, and so my stepmom decided that she was going to wait until my stepsis graduated high school to move down here.

In the meantime, my dad goes up there once, maybe twice a month, for a week or so to visit her.

Once in a while, she comes down here too.

But now that my sis is going to be graduating high school next May, my stepmom will be moving down here next summer.

Along with my stepbrother.

I'm sure my stepsister will go to college up there in Kansas.


Now I'm off to go get ready to see my wonderful man. :)


He & Me + 3

Good job on the B .
Classes can be so hard and finals even worse.
your family vacation sounds like it is going to be great. Have an awesome time.


The Studio Grill sounds so cool! I wish I had some place like that around here :-)

Good job on getting a B!