Thursday, September 9, 2010

Myrtle Beach

Sorry for not updating about my trip to Myrtle Beach.

I've been pretty busy this week with school stuff.

Myrtle Beach was SO fun.

Tony and I went at the same time last year, too, and it was just as fun.

Tony came and picked me up last Thursday around 3:10 PM and then we stopped by the gas station to fill up and of course get some food.

We both got a tendergrill chicken sandwich from Burger King and Tony got some chips from the gas station.

We got on the highway at 3:50 and we were off.

Of course, since we live in Atlanta, we were bound to hit some traffic.

We sat in traffic for about an hour.

It sucked.

I drove the first half so Tony could study.

He drove the second half so I could attempt to  study.

Yeah that didn't work out too well considering I got car sick if I look down for more than a minute or read.


So we finally get in around 10:45 PM and everyone is asleep and we get ready for bed and hit the sack!

Friday we got up early so we could have enough time to see Tony's niece, Madison, before we head out for the day.

Can I just say that Madison is the cutest little girl you ever did see?

Her hair is SO curly and noone can tell why since her father's hair wasn't that curly and her mother's hair was a little curly but that not like that.

She's so funny, too.

She makes the funniest expressions and sounds.

She well say "doo" for "no" and "tay" for "k".

Tony and I are pretty much in love with this girl and wanted to take her home.

Oh, and she will say "up, pweaz" when she wants to be held.

On Friday we headed out around 1:30 PM to Bald Head Island.

I LOVE this island and so does Tony.

It's so neat.

The only way to get to this island is by a ferry.

There are no cars on the island. The only way to get around is by golf cart!

There are BEAUTIFUL houses here.

*These are pictures from last year, because unfortunately, I forgot my camera and had to use my phone for pictures this year. :(*

So, when we got here, we rented our golf cart and went to go eat.

My hair isn't wet because we swam in the ocean, nope, it's wet beacuse while we were riding the ferry over, we hit a huge wave which came onto the ferry splashing everyone! 

There are only two restaurants on the island, and a market.

After we ate, we drove around for a little while, and then went to the beach!

It was beautiful.

This island is awesome because it has sooo many trees everywhere. Plus, it has a marsh, and a beach.

It's great.

So, while we were driving around on our golf cart, we saw a fox!

We decided to get up real close and feed him some leftovers from our lunch, which was hushpuppies!

Here he is.

We threw out a hushpuppie and he snagged it up and ran into the woods.

We also saw a deer!

We left the island around 9:30 and got back to Tony's sister's house and went to sleep.

The next morning, we got up, and relaxed for a bit.

Maddy was up playing and running around.

Oh by the way, she's 18 months old, for anyone who was wondering. Ha.

Tony's sister put one of her work shirts on her, which looks like a dress, and we all couldn't stop laughing cause she looked like a backup singer.

She looks like such a little diva in that picture.

Gotta love those curls, too.

Saturday we watched some football and hung out for a little while around the house.

Saturday night, Tony and I went out for sushi.

His sister couldn't go because she had to watch Madison, and his brother-in-law, Ryan, had to work.

After dinner, we went and walked around this strip mall type thing called Barefoot Landing.

It had all kinds of cool stuff.

Shops, candy shops, bakeries, restaurants, magic shops.


There were even tigers and tiger cubs in a cage that people could watch!

How cool.

We got some cookies and cream ice cream, too, and it was a great night.

Sunday we went to the beach with April and Ryan and Madison.

Here is April and Maddy playing in the ocean. Maddy LOVES the ocean and got knocked down a couple times by the waves and it didn't even bother her!

Oh, by the way, April looks AMAZING for having a baby 18 months ago. She has such a great body! It could help that she eats really healthy, too, though. Haha. I only hope to look that good after having a baby.

Don't you just wanna eat her up?

So we stayed at the beach for a couple hours and then headed back to their house to get cleaned up because Tony's parents were coming into town that night.

They arrived around 6 PM and we headed out to eat some seafood.

I just love his family.

I can't say it enough!

Monday was the day we left.

Before we left, though, Maddy had this balloon that her daddy gave her, and she was playing with it and it floated up to the ceiling.

So Tony, being the amazing uncle he is, got out a ladder and got it down.

As you can see, Maddy was right behind him!

I just looove this photo.

We had such a fun time in Myrtle Beach!

It always goes by too fast, but we are looking forward to the next time we will be up there again!

On the way home, with our luck, we got stuck in about 2 hours of traffic.

Of course.

But it so fun.

I highly recommend anyone going there!


Katie F

The Hubby and I just went to bald head a few weeks ago. I loved it too and can't wait to go back. They have different festivities for the holidays that I want to make him take me too!

Mr and Mrs. Stoneking

Looks like a fun trip, and yes Madison is absolutely adorable!

Ms. J

Looks like fun! Madison has the cutest curls! I was just with my nephew who is 18 months too- such a cute/funny age!


HOW great! what an awesome vacation!

Tony sounds like such a great guy!

Great future dad? I think so!

Crazy Shenanigans

We've been to Myrtle a couple of times but have never made it over to that island! It looks like it was a fun time!